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I Want To Donate

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Feeling Generous? Wanting to Pay it Foward?

Here is how you can do something good for your community and never have to leave your home.


Donate to the Computer Banc so we can help individuals who need a computer for their child or themselves but are unable to pay the full purchase price. We will keep the money in a separate fund and will only use it for those we deem eligible for assistance.

Here is how it works!

You can donate in $1 increments and your donation is tax deductible. To donate more than $1, just fill in the quantity of $1 dollar up tp $999 yhat you would like to donate. 

For example:


Alice would like to donate $60.

Alice would type in "6" in the Quantity (Qty) to equal her $60 dollars.

$10 x qty. 6 = $60.00


For more information or have any questions please feel free to contact us or call.

Our contact details are as follows:

1617 Groth Street
Springfield, IL 62703

Phone: (217) 528-9506
Fax: (217) 670-2152

Email: customersupport@computerbanc.org


Thank you for your donation!

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